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Angels – Vol. 4 – Death and Life

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The red eyed creatures stop at nothing. They only want to destroy and kill, no matter who. There’s a declared war, and they know there is a teenager who now is the key player in this story. He is the only one who can put an end to these creatures’ and their boss’ plans to control mankind.

The red eyed creatures are hunting Michael, wanting to kill him. Now its Michael’s turn to receive protection from a special angel. Where he less expects, Michael has an encounter that changes his life completely.

Michael will no longer be the same…



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The series Angels is the story of a teen called Michael, a luxury car thief who, without having planned it, becomes involved in an adventure that will change his life completely.

He never imagined he would encounter those special creatures called angels y much less tangled up in a scientific project that could change the course of mankind, the cloning of the first man, Adam.

A dramatic and completely unexpected ending awaits Michael…

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Alberto Saichann – Pablo Campdepadrós


Enrique "Khato" Campdepadrós


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An adventure worthy of a Hollywood film, in which spiritual values and principles are put to the test, under the tension of an eternal spiritual war.

We recommend this series for teens and young people in general, and as an evangelistic resource.