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Animals of the Bible – Vol. 2

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In this second book you will read and enjoy the stories told by 6 very friendly animals who are part of the story that God left us in the Bible. It’s a story full of love.

As you read these accounts you will also discover that God created all the animals there are on the Earth, like he did with us, and each one of them is very special.

When you finish each of the animal’s stories, they will tell you where to find these accounts in your Bible.




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The series Animals of the Bible is a family and ministry resource to start sharing the wonders God created on the Earth with children ages 3 to 6. In these stories, the presenters are friendly animals.

Each of the stories are referenced to Bible passages so that the parents or teachers can later read the Scriptures to the kids, thus beginning to sow in them an interest in the reading of God’s Word and in their Creator.

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Enrique "Khato" Campdepadrós


Este libro es parte de la serie Animals of the Bible.


Paul Owen


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Animals of the Bible


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We recommend the books of the series Animals of the Bible for children who are beginning to read the Bible. It is a simple and entertaining way of sowing in them an interest in God’s magnificent creation and to start caring for the environment in which we all have to live.

Recommended book!