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The Girl Who Could Tell The Future

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In the ‘Children of the Bible’ series we will enjoy the stories of 8 boys and girls who were very special. God included their stories in the Bible so that every­body gets to know that we, boys and girls, are import­ant to Him and that we are part of His great and loving plan. These are OUR heroes.

In this story, a girl like you, went through a very cruel and violent experience, but God’s power gave her back her liberty and happiness together with her family.

Can there be anything more important for a girl or a boy?



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The Girl who could Tell the Future is part of the Children of the Bible series.

The series The Children of the Bible is an excellent resource to encourage early on Bible reading. Upon a solid biblical basis, in the text and through the illustrations cultural values and knowledge have been added to enrich and facilitate comprehension and the incorporation of spiritual values and biblical principles in the lives of the children.

The purpose of choosing the biblical characters during their childhood was to allow our readers to easily identify with these characters and assist them in developing a personal faith in God, hoping that it will develop into a lifelong relationship.

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The Children of the Bible


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We recommend the Children of the Bible series to develop a Bible reading interest in children between 6 and 9 years of age, and encourage them to identify with other kids within the great Bible story.

These kids are real characters of the Bible that will help today’s kids to meet God and begin a personal relationship, we hope will be lifelong.